Card production

Printing technologies

Blank cards

We also supply card templates – blank cards with nothing printed on – both white and solid color. Such template cards are used for later personalization for limited cardholder base (e.g. corporate pass-control systems), where all necessary attributes are printed during personalization process.

Offset print

Offset print

Offset technology can be used for printing both full-color cards and cards with less colors. Offset print is feasible when amount of printed cards exceeds five hundred copies. Offset raster density is 150 lpi which grants excellent quality for photographic images.

Silk-screen print

Silk-screen print

Silk-screen technology is used when copy count of the card is small or certain design elements are posed special requirements. Silk-screen print raster density is 54 lpi.

Thermal transfer print

Thermal transfer print

Thermal transfer print technology means thermal transfer of thin layer of dye or resin color to card surface, which is afterwards overlaminated for weather and mechanical protection. This technology enables all produced cards to differ from each-other to smaller or larger extent. In addition, card’s design may include cardholder’s photograph (used at pass-control, license, certificate etc. cards) and other variable elements. Thermal transfer technology is also widely used for ID-card personalization.

Folio print

Folio print

Folio technology is used to print “true metallic” and diffraction-spectral (optically variable) card design elements.

Combined techniques

Often several different technologies are used to print a card. More frequent combinations are the following:
– Cards are printed in offset, then “metallic” colors are printed in folio or silk-screen.
– Cards are printed in offset or silk-screen, then variable elements (e.g. cardholder’s photograph) is printed in thermal transfer.

Card personalization


type personalization is typically found on credit cards, but also on several other types of cards. Embossed characters are painted afterwards (usually silver, gold, white or black) by process called ‘tipping’.

Thermal transfer print

Thermal transfer print carries a thin dye or resin color layer to card surface, which is later overlaminated for weather and mechanical protection. There is monochrome and full-color thermal transfer print available. With thermal transfer print technique there is no limitation to printed image – any computer-prepared image can be carried to card, including special fonts, bar-codes and photographs. Full-color thermal transfer print enables printing of cardholders photograph on card (used at pass-control, permanent passenger tickets, certificate, license, etc. cards). It’s also possible to print “invisible bar-codes” – ie. bar-codes, invisible to human eyes, but readable with special devices.

Magnetic stripe encoding

Magnetic stripe will be encoded with unique number to identify the customer with mag stripe reader.

ID Badges

We print ID badges in re-transfer method that ensures the best print quality and the best life for the card.
Depending on complexity of the design, we can offer the printable cards in either 300dpi or 600dpi. The latter allows you to use micro texts as a security feature. The badges can also have a magnetic stripe and/or microchip that allows them to be linked to work time management and access systems.

Hotel key cards

We offer our partner hotels magnetic stripe key cards as well as RFID cards suitable for VingCard system.
The cards can be blank white or with your preferred full-color design.

XL Cards

As an unique product, we offer our clients XL size plastic cards with the dimensions of 124mm x 86mm.
Main uses of such cards include various events, which the card holder must be visually recognized from afar.
Because the surface of the card is so big – it can handle a lot of different kinds of information, so it can be implemented with more security features, etc.
Each card can contain RFID chip and personalised with the owners data and photo.
The cards itself are very resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.
Ideal places to use such a card include major sporting events, concerts, conferences, etc.